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Apparatus based movement and mat classes for injury rehabilitation, body and mind

Auf wiedersehen back pain, hello Pilates

After years of back pain I tried Pilates and never looked back.

Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates. He was born in Germany in 1880. As a sickly child he turned to exercise and athletics to battle his ailments. In doing so he created an exercise system and apparatus, which later became known as Pilates.

It made me feel so good that I ended up training to be a teacher. I believe that nothing else makes me feel as good or as strong.

Pilates is no cure-all but it will give your body a chance to become stronger and more mobile. It is also a good cardio workout for all abilities, shapes and sizes. Posture and correct alignment are key to a healthy body, and Pilates can help you with this. If you enjoy sport it can enhance your performance and help you to avoid injury.

It creates strength without bulk and increases flexibility. It develops core strength, improves posture and increases awareness of the mind-and-body connection. My clients say it helps them to “escape” for an hour and enjoy mindful movement with the added bonus of feeling stronger, more upright and energised.

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By following all the principles of the Pilates method (breathing, alignment, stabilisation, spine articulation, control and coordination), we will work on increasing your flexibility and range of movement while also improving your posture. Pilates will enhance your mental health and relax your mind and body.

Improve your quality of life through Pilates in a tranquil and safe environment

Aches and pains are usually nothing more serious than repeated faulty movement patterns caused by bad posture, for example back ache caused by long hours sat hunched over a desk behind a computer.

By introducing efficient movement patterns through Pilates and teaching you body awareness, we can over time improve imbalances and develop better posture. Through Pilates I can help you improve pelvic stability, joint mobility and increase spine health.

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Apparatus based movement and mat classes for injury rehabilitation, body and mind

Pilates will help you to feel taller, leaner and more confident. It will improve your posture and sense of awareness during your daily activities. Pilates will improve your flexibility, boost your stamina and reduce stress. It helps to develop length and strength and if sport is your thing, try it to improve your performance and avoid injury.

Hali has been teaching me Pilates for the last 12 months. I was a newcomer to the reformer and Hali has been a patient and very capable teacher. She has a very calming manner, is hugely knowledgable and very skilled in her craft. Hali really listens and has set a training programme for me which is demanding, strengthening and really targets the areas I want to work on. I can see, and feel, the difference to my body already.Her studio is a very tranquil space where your focus is undisturbed. I genuinely look forward to my sessions every week. I cannot recommend Hali enough.

C GilkesFashion buyer

Hali is a wonderful Pilates teacher. I had very limited experience of Pilates before working with Hali, my love of Pilates has grown due to Hali's fantastic sessions.Hali is great at listening to your personal needs, what you want to achieve and then tailoring your sessions to them. I can't recommend Hali more!

C BridgewaterFreelance Event Manager/mum of two

I came to Hali a year ago shortly after surgery to reconstruct a ruptured achilles tendon and also suffering after a torn hamstring. I was just off crutches and walking with a severe limp. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and had lost all confidence in ever being able to walk properly again. Hali tailored her Pilates classes perfectly for my varied needs and has given me physical and emotional strength again. I was told I wouldn't be able to run again for at least two years. Almost a year to the day of my operation and I just ran the mum's race at my son's sports day!! She's amazing. I couldn't have done it without her.

C CanniffAccident prone web developer, mum of 4

I started doing duet Pilates classes at Hali’s with a friend following injury and when I was having a lot of trouble with my hips in particular. GIven my injury I was struggling with regular classes, and the benefit of having more individual attention is almost without measure. Hali took time to understand my specific challenges, and tailors the exercises she gives accordingly. I always notice that she has prepared in advance and sets exercises for me and my friend separately that are appropriate to our individual needs. I can’t believe how much I have come along under her instruction. Having a duet class adds a nice social element too!


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DianeMother of three and runner

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